What It Does


Smooths & softens dry hair, locks in moisture. Helps to strengthen hair & prevent dry or itchy scalp.


Rebuilds damaged hair, helps prevent frizz. Reduces split ends while soothing scalp to stop flakes & itching


Defends against hair breakage & loss. Protects hair from free radicals, UV rays, heat styling damage & coloring damage.

The Details

Getting Blasted can actually be healthy, if you're doing it with Hydrating Botanical Boosts for your hair & scalp.

Our HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo was named Best Shampoo of 2019 by The Manual, which called it the only shampoo they tested that left hair soft & silky without a separate conditioner. Great for repairing dry, damaged hair or a flaky irritated scalp. Strengthens & defines curls. Promotes hair growth & helps form a protective barrier to prevent split ends & breakage.

Portion of every sale goes to fund Clean Water projects in Africa.

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