What It Does


Moisturizes & soothes dry or sensitive skin & hair. Locks in moisture to help protect against damage.


Boosts collagen, stimulates skin cell repair, strengthens hair follicles, heals scalp, prevents split ends & breakage.


Cools & clarifies skin with Menthol, exfoliates scalp & improves hair growth.

The Details

Whether Dad is already Dapper & wants stay that way, or just needs a little help reaching peak Dapperness, this is the set for him! Repair skin & hair in style with over a dozen Botanical Boosts plus a pair of wellness tools: our Scalp Salvation Massager that exfoliates & heals while also increasing circulation for better hair growth, and our Signature Towel which is the perfect size & softness for the gym or the golf course.

Set also includes our new large-sized Pure Moisture Body Wash, now with Panax Ginseng & Tsubaki Oil for even better hydration, stimulation & cell repair, plus our BioNutrient Foaming Face Wash with a super clean formula that's perfect for dry or sensitive skin. Help Dad prove he's not done being Dapper -- in fact he's just getting started.

Set Includes:

New Pure Moisture Body Wash 17 oz
HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo 8.92 oz
BioNutrient Foaming Face Wash 7.32 oz
Scalp Salvation Massager
Signature Towel

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