What It Does


Revives with touch of Menthol in each product. Cools & clarifies skin while also soothing & invigorating the scalp for better hair growth.

Deep Cleans

Thoroughly removes excess oil & buildup. This process clears many conditions that can lead to acne. It also unclogs pores in the scalp, removing blockages that could impede healthy hair growth.


Naturally restores hair & stimulates skin cell repair. Features 15+ Botanical Boosts that help reduce frizz & split ends while rebuilding the skin to prevent spots, breakage and wrinkles

The Details

Keep your cool after a hard workout or night out with this refreshing & repairing trio. Our Cooldown set features three Menthol-infused products that you'll really feel working as they revive your skin & hair.

Our Active Man Daily Shampoo thickens hair & stimulates growth while reducing oiliness & soothing the scalp.

Our Pure Moisture Body Wash hydrates & protects your skin while you cleanse, stimulating cell repair & recovery.

Our Cooling Clay Facial Wash deep cleans & detoxes your face while also clarifying & exfoliating. It can be used as a daily wash, or as an occasional restorative mask.

Set includes:
- Active Man Daily Shampoo 8.92 fl oz
- Pure Moisture Body Wash 9.02 fl oz
- Cooling Clay Facial Wash 4.23 fl oz

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